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3/30/16 Trip Report


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Today was probably one of, if not, the best day I have had at the park despite some disappointing things. I do not remember the exact times I was doing everything but I remember the order, so I am just going to group it into approximate time periods. I went to the park from about 11:30AM and left just after 8:00PM.



As I said, I got to the park at around 11:30AM. First thing we did (group of 3, including myself) was go and check what rides were open. Due to the winds, many of the taller rides were closed at the beginning of the day, such as King Da Ka, the Skyline, Skyscreamer, Zumanjaro. The only other down to today was that for some reason many stands could not give water in the middle of the day... I am not sure why but I ended up just buying bottles of water. There were also rides that were closed im going to assume because of them not being as popular and the park being understaffed as with the beginning of every season. The Dark Night I believe was closed all day, but I am not sure so dont quote me on that. Runaway Train ran on and off throughout the day, sometimes the train sat right past the station empty and other times it was running. There were also many stands closed, once again I assume due to being understaffed at the moment. As the day progressed more rides opened up and the day became much better. The park was not packed but not empty today.. short lines all around. Alot of younger children with parents.


11:30 - 12:30

The first thing we did when getting to the park was checking what rides were open, seeing that many were not running, we went towards El Toro. When we got to El Toro there was almost no wait, it had to be less that 15 minutes. Maybe 8 or so, but not over 15. We sat in the bull car which surprised me as I normally find El Toro slightly jerky but this car was very smooth. Then after getting off El Toro we decided what we were going to do next. We walked over to Johnny Rockets by the main gate but it was closed. We walked over towards Nitro. Along the way, I stopped and tried the Ladder Climb game and lost as expected. This hour ended with the shortest lines in the entire park, the bathrooms!


12:30 - 1:30

After using the bathroom we went to Nitro which again like El Toro had a really short wait time. We were able to get on in probably about 20 or so minutes, as the line was just about 1 or 2 rows past the stairs. After getting off Nitro, we went back to the Johnny Rockets and got something to eat. I got the chicken strip meal that comes with a dining pass. Everything tasted good but ended up giving me a stomach ache. Then after eating we started to head towards Superman.


1:30 - 2:30

Superman line was decently short, maybe 15 minutes or so. Superman as always gave me nausea that instantly subsided upon reaching the station and being placed upright instead of in the "superman" position. We skipped Green Lantern because of the seats hurting. After this we stopped at Dippin Dots for out snack, and walked with the snack to Kingda Ka. Either it had just opened, or broken down, but for whatever reason the Kingda Ka line was incredibly short. I think it is because signs earlier in the day had said it was closed, so nobody went into that section of the park as Zumanjaro was "closed" as well. Went on Kingda Ka in the orange car which was alright, not too bumpy but not as smooth as I thought it was.


2:30 - 3:30

We then headed towards Bizarro. Once we got there Bizarro had a decent wait considering how short other lines were. It was about 6 or 7 rows from the stairs, maybe a little more. The line didnt take long, but compared to other rides, it was long for Bizarro. The ride was smooth, fire and mist/smoke were off, but all in all a good ride. After getting off of Bizarro, my stomach hit me instantly, so I bought a Pepto Bismol at the shop near the Safari entrance. We began to walk back towards the area where the paths to Frontier Aventures, Plaza del Carnival, and The Golden Kingdom meet. Here I attempted to take my Pepto but dropped it ( lol ) and had to buy another. After this we decided to ride Safari and headed back towards its entrance.



In total, the Safari took only 1.5 hours including wait times... Our driver went through very quickly, not stopping much. I am not sure if maybe some animals are not out yet, or if we just were not luck but the tour seemed lacking today for some reason. I felt like we missed some of the animals that are normally seen. Our guide was good, made some jokes about the animals, very informative and entertaining.


4:30 - 5:30

After getting off of the Safari, we walked back towards the area where the paths meet. We went to El Toro to ride it a second time, and it had a longer wait. Probably about 25-30 minutes if I recall. This time we were in the Kia car which was alot more bumpy and knocked me around a bit more. At the side of the area where the car waits for the next one to leave the station were the test dummies. One of them had a painted caricature on its face which was very funny to see. After getting off two people in our group got their dinner and we headed to Kingda Ka.


5:30 - 6:30

Got on Kingda Ka decently quick. This time I was not in the Orange car and it was amazingly smoother for some reason. Not sure why. After getting off Kingda Ka we walked across the park over to where Nitro is but stopping in the Carnival section for a few games and a short break. Once again, didn't win anything but had a fun time. We also stopped at Skull Mountain on our way across which had a medium sized line but stacked well and was very quick.


6:30 - 7:30

This time Nitro seemed to have a longer line than last time, taking a few more minutes but still decently short for Nitro. This time the ride was much smoother to me and I didnt feel a single bump the entire time. The car glided across the tracks as if it were new. The line was short enough that we actually rode it again, waiting only two trains to get on the second time! The second time it was not bumpy but didnt feel like it was gliding as much, but rather just felt normal.


7:30 - 8:15

We ran over to Kingda Ka to try and get one last night-time ride. One person walking out of that part of the park said that they wouldn't go, it just broke down, but we still went. Knowing Kingda Ka it would probably be tested once or twice, and then work again. We were right and thanks to the break down the line was extremely short. Once again I was not in the orange car and it was very smooth. I dont know why but I just love the ride at night, looking around for the short second or two at the top is amazing. After getting off we walked back to the main entrance to leave, and I ended up getting my dinner with about a minute before dinner ends. I ate it on the walk out of the park and this time it was much better and didnt hurt my stomach.


Coaster Counts:


Nitro - 3


Kingda Ka - 3


El Toro - 2


Superman - 1


Safari - 1


Bizarro - 1


Skull Mountain - 1




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Nice detailed report. It's always good when you are able to ride Kingda Ka multiple times in a day without too much of a wait.


I wonder if they had problems with the water for part of the day, since getting water from any food place is usually never a problem.

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