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Should Skull Mountain recieve new props/effects for its 20th Anniversary?

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Thought I should bring up how this season will be Skull Mountain's 20th season in operation! People have been wondering about the park adding some more effects or props to the ride to celebrate 20 years of one of the best family rides (and one heck of a ride in the back). What are your thoughts on if the park should do something like this to celebrate Skull Mountain's 20th birthday?

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They should add a skull that the car goes through (it would go through the mouth), either when the car first leaves the station, or when it starts going up the the 2nd hill. They could also add a projection, so when you're going up that 2nd hill, you're watching the projection and the drop is a bit unexpected, kind of like how Universal has the dinosaur on the Jurassic park ride.

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Knowing how their marketing team works if they ever added new effects they would market it as a "new ride".


It wouldn't be that much money to add some lights or props. They spend plenty of money fixing up the park with paint and landscaping. That doesn't make the park any money, but its what you have to do. And that should go the same with giving these rides some TLC once in a while and keeping them up to date.

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