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13 hours ago, GAcoaster said:

But they'll be replaced with a new "membership" program, just like Six Flags and Busch Gardens are doing. It's a way to change the levels and perks being offered, and change it to a more stable revenue stream and a tax savings for Disney. 


I prefer a plain season pass and at least SF still has that option. The SF membership does cost more than a plain SP, and it is also more of a hassle. I prefer to pay full upfront to avoid financing costs from installment plans which is what memberships really are. It will be some time before DL can roll out a membership program due to CA's strict COVID restrictions. Who knows what kind of payment shenanigans Disney's membership will have as they are a scaby company. 


Since installment plans allow more people to afford expensive items and services at an additional long run cost, it would be counterproductive for Disneyland's growing overcrowding issues. The membership payments will likely be quite high to offset this.

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For what they charge for admission there isn’t any excuse for closed/seasonal attractions.  

I can’t help but think we will soon be picking apart It’s a Small World and replacing and removing dolls from various countries because they are viewed as being offensive to their native people.  

What a surprise! Disney is closing more attractions, this time in the Animal Kingdom. Both Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the Wildlife Express train ride are closing next month. At the same time ticket pri

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Wow, EPCOT's new entry music loop is so wrong. They had a great loop of music WRITTEN FOR EPCOT, but traded it in for music from mostly non-Disney movies. Half the songs are from a Netflix series...


They made progress with the return of the fountain prisms, then they add this music, just days after this horror:


I like the IDEA of these Flags, but the execution feels lackluster. Twelve Flags Over Florida...



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Is that ring actually off-center from Spaceship Earth and The American Adventure? My father was a civil engineer and always made it a point to say how everything was in alignment perfectly thanks to surveying experts. That off center ring reminds me of our stupid paintball building which is also out of line with the other structures that were perfectly placed. 

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Reminds me of the space frame arch that used to be over the fountain in GADV in the mid 2000's. Seems like Disney is hellbent to remove beauty from their parks.

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