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After over 2 months I finally got to go to the park again one more time before leaving for my freshman year of college on Thursday. I didn’t know what to expect going in but it was a great day with low crowds the whole time, and I got a lot of rides in.


I got to the park a bit later than usual, arriving at about 11:30. Upon arriving I saw that Joker was open with the line only out to where the single rider line starts so I went there first and waited about 20 mins. I got the purple side for the first time and it was better than I thought it would be even though it doesn’t have the full inversion on the first drop off the lift.


Next I went to Toro which was a one train wait for the second to last row. From the lift I saw that the waterpark parking lot was nearly full while the theme park lot was nearly empty. In the heat Toro was running really fast too. I went around and rode again in the same row and got to stay on when no one was waiting. Finally I went around again and waited about 3 trains for the same row and then moved on.


Next I went to Kingda Ka which also had a short line compared to the usual. It would have been about 25 minutes for the front row but a Zumanjaro car got stuck at the top with people on it and added about 15 minutes to the wait. After riding I saw that Ka’s line had gotten even shorter so I rode again, waiting 10 mins max for the second row.


Zum was back open by this point so I rode it twice with no wait each time. Even though it seems to have a lot of problems I still ride it anyway since it’s such a fun ride. I just wish there was some sort of shortcut for people who want to ride again when the line is short so they don't have to walk the length of Ka's launch track twice to get a re-ride.


After lunch at Best of the West I rode Bizarro, where I walked on to the back row. The ride op at the mic seemed to be having fun today. As I was walking into the station she was saying “Attention guests in the station, this ride is suffering a dispatch” to imitate the breakdown spiel, and then as I was leaving the area I heard her telling people to enjoy their ride on Runaway Mine Train.


After taking the Skyride over to the other side of the park I rode Skull Mountain in the back row, waiting about 5 minutes for it. After I went to Nitro which had about a 20 minute wait for the second row, for some reason I prefer this ride near the front even though most seem to like the back.


Next was Batman which had an empty station except for 3 people waiting for the front. This ride seems really underrated by most guests since it rarely has much of a line but it’s really smooth and intense.


After this I don’t remember the order I did things but I rode Congo Rapids, Skyscreamer, Skull and Nitro again, and Houdini before getting Rita’s for a snack. After I went back to Toro to ride one more time and then I left at around 6:30, happy with what is most likely my last trip to the park until HITP on Christmas break.


Final ride count:

El Toro 5x

Nitro, Skull, Ka, Zum 2x

Joker, Bizarro, Skyride, Batman, Skyscreamer, Congo 1x


Season coaster riding totals:

El Toro--18
Kingda Ka--8

Skull Mtn.--7
Green Lantern--1
Dark Knight--1


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