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Justice League: Battle for Metropolis to Debut in 2017 at SFGA


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You can create your own album, upload to one of the public photo albums in the galleries or use attachments. Below are the direction for attachments previously explained by Yoshi:


"To add pictures, go to more reply options and then at the bottom of the post text box is attach files. Just click browse to select each picture, then click attach this file and then it should show up on the page with a thumbnail and you have to click add to post for each picture."

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I'll have to check that out.


In the mean time you can go to our GAH Photo Drop gallery and upload your photo(s). Once loaded click on your photo, go to Options on the right and select Share Links and copy Image Link.


Go to your post, click the green picture frame (below the smiley face), paste the link into URL and click OK.

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Is everyone will update about Justice League dark ride this weekend?

As I mentioned there is really nothing happening for the JL yet. Here are a couple of pics from 11/5/16 showing the site prep.







I still see the same steel structure under Nitro. When looking at it there really doesn't seem to be enough for a large building. Any chance with the Park changing Presidents that JL's location could have been reevaluated? I'm guessing not but the sim building is still there.

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What's the rush? You won't be able to ride it any sooner. Last year, the construction schedule for Justice League was staggered so that the one at SFM was about a month or so ahead of the one at SFGam. It appears that SFOG is first this year and it is unclear if we are going to be second or last. Once the building is completed, the site is turned over to Sally Corp to complete the ride build out.

From the SFGam twitter:

Nov 16, 2015



Dec 3, 2015



Jan 12, 2016



Jan 27, 2016



Feb 10, 2016


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Just some very small site updates. Looks like preliminary prep-work, like installing or relocating pipes and fire hydrants?















So, are they going to incorporate the observatory from Chiller? It looks so lonely with everything cleared out around it lol

The observatory is a fully functioning building (enclosed w/ AC and maybe even heat?) that they actually use for employee training and storage. While it does look lonely, it is used!

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I have a question to make, during the off season at the park on the winter, does the heavy snow can affect the Justice League dark ride site?

as long as the foundation and slab is down before it gets real bad out side they should be in good shape

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Six Flags Fun, If there is someone who is at the park and gets photos, I'm sure they will be posted. There probably isn't anything exciting going on yet.

There were pictures posted last week, I'm sure not much has changed since then but that won't stop him from asking every other day anyway.

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With SFOG changed Cotton States area to Metropolis area along with Justice League dark ride's opening in May 2017, will our park's going to same for change Movie Town / Old Country area to Gotham City or Metropolis area by Justice League Battle for Metropolis 4D open in May 2017 as well?

No, based on the negative responses from coaster enthusiasts on social media, the ride at Great Adventure was redesigned to be more violent and no longer features the Justice League. Instead, you are part of a rebel group fighting along side Cookie Monster in an epic battle against Somali warlords that have taken control of the world's cookie supply. As a result of the redesign, Total Mayhem will open July 2017.


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