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Issues with Membership


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Anyone else having issues with their payment beyond processed for the membership? This is the 2nd month in a row. Nothing has changed with the debit card associated with the payment, according to my bank everything is fine with it, plenty of funds in the account...yet it keeps being declined. I have 2 accounts that get debited-my family's (4 passes), then we have 1 for my son when he turned 3 (they told me that they couldn't merge the accounts).

So last month the family group was declined. I paid it manually, then I contacted Member support-where they really didn't provide much lol. But she said everything looked fine. A week later the single membership was declined. Again, went through all the steps calling the bank, member support, etc. According to Member Support, everything was fine, the card was fine and up to date.

Now...last week the family membership was declined. Paid it manually. And now today, the same for the single membership.


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