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Day 9 - Eliminate Dead Ends in the Park


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The area with the tents is annoying too-abandoned building forcing people who want to get through boardwalk to get to the newer side of the park (mine train and log flume are the only old rides over there; everything else was built in the last 10 years or so [bizzaro will be 18 but the them has only been around 8 and Ka was 2005])

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I just want the Plaza De' Carnival Golden Kingdom (Ka Side) path. All I need

to make me happy.

That would be good, I walk through Safari Discoveries when it is open but the old path open would help.


With Justice League, it would also be nice to see Old Country open again even just the path that is used for HITP to get rid of 1 dead end.

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They do it to make you walk past the games and stores to temp to you spend more money. I remember in 2006 they were originally going to keep the bridge between Toro and Bizarro closed permanently but changed their minds after many complaints. But in all honesty if someone is going to want to play a game they'll walk over to play it/ or shop. I wish they'd open up dream street, re-connect the two Golden Kingdoms and leave the Old country path open all the time (forgot if they had it open all this season or not). Someone also mentioned connecting Nitro's exit to the stunt arena but I don't think itts necessary because that is all backstage maintenance areas. I think a smoother traffic flow would have minimal effect on sales. The closed Golden Kingdom path still makes me cringe, SUCH a beautiful themed section not being used, it breaks my heart.

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