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I got to the park at around 1:30 and like the previous week, the park wasn't crowded at all that early.


Sky Screamer was testing and opened a couple minutes after waiting. There were only 4 riders total on the cycle which is the least amount of riders I have ever seen.


Joker had no wait and I got the purple side for a 3rd time. Like my first ride 2 1/2 weeks ago, I got 0 flips. I know that would be disappointing to some people and after 3 rides, I like it better with no flips.


Skull Mountain had no wait for the last row and I was able to re-ride.


Skyway had no wait. It was strange taking a round trip ride since I'm so used to exiting when getting to the other station. I saw Runaway Mine Train had a train in the station and the Bone Butcher sign had been removed from the Frontier Adventures sign.


Nitro was a station wait and just crowded enough that you had to walk around. After 2 rides I got lunch and went to The Dark Knight with around a 10 minute wait including part of the pre-show.


I went back to Nitro for another ride, one of the trains had problems and they ran it empty for a cycle.


Batman was dispatching trains ridiculously fast, when I was on the lift hill of Nitro there was a Batman train getting to the brake run and by the time the Nitro train got to the final hills, another Batman train was getting to the brake run. After Nitro I went over to Batman and walked onto the last row. I could have re-ridden but one ride was enough for me.


Even though Superman only had 2 people checking restraints compared to 4 last week, they were almost running to check the restraints and it was around 20 minutes. Not bad for only 1 train running.


Green Lantern was a station wait and there was no headbanging.


Nitro was almost to the small tunnel under the track right out of the station, only 10 minutes thanks to fast dispatches.


I wanted to try the Skyway after dark and with maybe a 2/3 full queue, it was around 25 minutes. It was really cool to be able to see all the lights from above ground and see the entrance area with the tree lit up. What was also kind of strange but neat was going from Fantasy Forest and The Boardwalk area and then all of the sudden there are no people around once the car was over the closed section of the park. The lights were still on in many areas and Plaza Del Carnaval had the regular lights on as well as the scrolling billboards still turned on with the red LED light scrolls with messages running across the top and it was quiet with no music playing except for the sound of the Skyway and the sound of some kind of water pump or drain near a corner of the lake where Runaway Mine Train's final part of the ride is.


Food lines for dinner were much shorter this week compared to last week and there were more registers open at both lunch and dinner. Getting a snack to bring home on the way out of the park was also easier this week with very short lines except at the Cyber Cafe.


As usual, it was a fun day at the park.









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Green Lantern was a station wait and there was no headbanging.





I went on Green Lantern opening night of Holiday in the Park and had no headbanging either. It was a pretty good ride and ran smoothly. My friend and I both agreed it was better that night than all the times we went on during the summertime.

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Very interesting that now 2 people have noticed no head banging. Maybe the drop in temp effects the rough/smoothness like Wild Cat at Hershey. During the summer heat its almost in rideable but during Candy Lane its Like an all new coaster

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