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Bowcraft Amusement Park 4/13/17


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On Thursday I took my 6 Year Old Nephew to Bowcraft Amusement Park. We stopped in Clark, NJ and Played some Mini Golf first, next we went to Bowcraft, we got there about 11:45 for a 12:00 Opening. We were third on line, it was $19.95 each(Passover Special) We went to the Dragon Coaster First with no wait, and was able to reride by moving back one row, next my nephew went to Frogger with a walk on and a reride with out getting off, next was Drop Zone we both went on with a walk on and my nephew went on again. We then headed up the hill to The CrossBow Roller Coaster, my nephew was a little scared(from the entrance of the park, it looks very tall), but after watching it he decided to go on, we waited on cycle for the third row, my nephew loved it and wanted to go on again in the first row, we waited one cycle again for the first row. This was my nephews fastest roller Coaster so far and #18. Next we went on the Buccaneer with a walk on, we got a drink and took the train ride. It started getting very crowded, so my nephew went on the Balloons and then we had Lunch, Very Good Pizza and Chicken Tenders. I was actually impressed with this park, after reading reviews I was very skeptical. Employees are very nice and Attentive, Guests were well behaved, yes the park is old and needs to repaint almost every ride(worst then GA) we left at about 13:45. Thanks For Looking In.



IMG 20170413 120355230

IMG 20170413 120645080

IMG 20170413 121551840

IMG 20170413 130837367

IMG 20170413 123835179

IMG 20170413 123830252



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The town's planning board unanimously approved a redevelopment plan Monday to turn the current Bowcraft Amusement Park into an apartment and townhouse complex. The 13-acre property will be razed to build 190 apartments and 10 townhouses, with 41 affordable units included, township zoning official Robert LaCosta said. The complex will also include a clubhouse, a pool and play areas for kids. The property developers still need to obtain several approvals from state agencies before they can buy the land and move forward.

"I really don't envision them breaking ground until possibly fall of 2017 or spring of 2018," LaCosta said.

In an email to customers, Bowcraft denied rumors the park was closing and said it would remain open this season and next season.

"Bowcraft is open for the remainder of the 2016 season, and will re-open for the 2017 Season in April of 2017. Also, the property is not sold. The property is owned by the same family since 1995," the email said.

The park will also have a haunted attraction "Pantophobia" for October.

The amusement park has been a mainstay in Union County since 1940, when World War II veteran Ted Miller opened it as an archery and ski equipment store with a small ski slope. Miller later added an ice rink, mini golf and amusement rides.

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Bowcraft is about 20 mins from my hometown and was the first park I ever went to when I was younger, the bigger coaster was my first of that size too.


From what I remember, they were steadily adding bigger rides in the early-mid 2000s but they tried switching to pay one price right around when the recession started and it sorta ended up doing them in. I think the last ride they added was the music express in 2007(?). So unfortunately it wouldn't surprise me if it closed either.

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