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The Great Adventure Riddle Game


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Next RIddle:



I used to hold the record...

But now I am really not that big...



That's very generic. Here's a list of valid answers:

  • Great American Scream Machine
    • Record: World's Tallest Roller Coaster for a month
    • Now: 0ft. (But seriously, the current record holder is over 2.6 times the height)
  • Big Wheel
    • Record: World's Tallest Ferris Wheel
    • Now: close to a fourth of the height of the current record holder (150ft vs 550ft)
  • Fountain
    • Record: World's Tallest Spray Fountain
    • Now: Was downsized from 150ft to... a few feet? 10ish feet?
  • Great Adventure Hot Air Balloon
    • Record: World's Biggest Hot Air Balloon
    • Now: Non-existent?
  • Log Flume
    • Record: World's Longest Flume Ride
    • Now: It's just not that big
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RIddle 3:


I was the king

I shattered records

But then they were easily broken-


You can still find a part of me. The Monkeys can see at least...

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Riddle 4, this should be an easy one....


I shattered the record books

But who knew this could be?

I can be a called copy cat...

But I'm as tall as can be....

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