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The Great Adventure Riddle Game

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Riddle 7:


I am deserted

I have my own area

My own portal that is

You become immortal

in my portal

The portal of disbelief

You will see a giant coaster

Now I'm sure you can see!

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The answer to the last one was Bizarro...


Riddle 8:

I ruled and I was cruel, rough as I went on

But just remember;

the following scenes might be very racey...


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Riddle 9:

Once alive

Then the trees overtook me

Coldness stretched along, as abandoned structures thickened with their dust

Then, I was given another shot...


This is a tough one, so think!

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The answer for that one was the Chiller Observery Building.


Riddle 10:


People overlook and don't know I exist,

I used to have people, but now it's a drift,

Im a Kiddie ride that gets no one

Im tucked away so no one can find me...

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