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Lets just take the time to appreciate how beautiful this is.

One of the biggest complaints during Great Adventure's first season was that the lines for food were too long often lasting longer than those found at the rides.  Additional food stands were added in

Posted Images

It looks like one of those inflatable buildings that you can rent for kids parties to bounce and slide around!


They even have a Sky Ride behind it like GA!



They also have a First Gen. Intamin Drop Tower ride called, FreeFall. It's nice to know that our Park has inspired another.

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My wishes for the yum yum palace:

1.Return the original paint job and finish.

2. Rethem the inside to the way it was in 1974. And for the outside, give a full rehab ( Tables, tile, music, etc.)

3. Finish the rear turrets to give the full effect.

4. Add another light sorce, either strands on the building or colored spotlights.

5. More deserts.

6. Drop the Character Cafe Theme!

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I noticed in one of Neil's (gafreak's) new photos that you can see the lamp posts that illuminated the Yum Yum Palace during the first few seasons!




I'll bet the park relocated the spotlights from around the Yum Yum Palace to the Dream Street Dazzler/Monster Spin when the ride was placed next to the restaurant. You can see a spotlight tower in the center of the Monster Spin photo and it looks to be the same kind as those originally placed around the Yum Yum Palace.



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One of the things we recently discovered was that Warner LeRoy put a clause in the agreement to sell the park that paint and other decorative things had to be toned down. That's why the paint scheme on Yum Yum and the Carousel, the decorative paint on the Conestoga Wagon, and even the polka dotted and stripped awnings were changed after only a couple of seasons. I'm not sure how long that agreement was in effect (or if it even still may be), but he was a quirky man and this was one of his conditions. I almost think he wanted to make it seem like the park was mourning losing him, but in practical terms it may have been because he was making the plans for another park and wanted to make sure his old park didn't upstage him. It explained why Yum Yum went from so beautiful to so dull looking so fast.


Of course since then it's just a question of not wanting to spend the money on re-doing decorative details every couple of years. Keep it simple and keep it cheap... :/

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I'm sure cheapness is the only reason for things being so drab and dreary. I can't believe anyone could stop them from painting things any way they want at this point.


The gutting of the interior and changing the name and menu was also a huge mistake. It's a giant ice cream sundae, it made sense to sell ice cream. The interior was bright and fashioned after a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor, with the ice cream swirl posts, white color, and mirrors. The menu was elaborately painted on mirrors and the lights were old fashioned style tulip lights. Now it's dark and dreary and looks like a bowling alley snack stand.

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I, too, find it hard to believe that any clause could have existed regarding paint colors. This especially makes no sense because Warner LeRoy lost control of the park when the Pritzkers took over in 1975, not when Six Flags took over in 1977.

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