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Six Flags Nuevo Leon & Hurricane Harbor(Monterrey, Mexico)

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This sounds like it would be another international licensing deal and seems like it is getting closer to being announced.


Articles about the park from January 24th,2017


Negotiations continue to build Six Flags in NL

Six Flags amusement park company remains interested in Nuevo León. Mayor Héctor Castillo said that he could invest up to $ 400 million in the entity and open a new headquarters of the park of Texas divers in the municipality of Santa Catarina. After leading the Sixth Employment Fair in the parking lot of a shopping center, the mayor commented that, however, the US company continues in negotiations with entrepreneurs in aspects related to the license and franchise of parks.


As will be recalled in October 2015 in a visit to then-Mayor Victor Perez and state officials, Six Flags Vice President of International Operations John Odum was surprised by the size, mountains and infrastructure surrounding the terrain Of the Hipódromo de Santa Catarina. On that occasion, this space was presented by the city council as an option to build this theme park with an eventual investment of $ 400 million dollars. "They are interested in Santa Catarina , here is a situation of the Six Flags corporate with businessmen outside of the United States, it is a license, it is a franchise, I understand that they follow other paths (to crystallize the project).

"We generate certainty, we generate a plan of urban development, it is rather the businessmen here in this case with the mark for the licensing," said Mayor Castillo.



Survey Images from MontañaRusa.Com Facebook page posted on June 22nd, 2017


Very interesting! The six flags park chain is conducting a survey where she asks about the possibility of 2 Parks in Monterrey. What do you think?




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