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Trip planning Carowinds Aug 21st


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Planning to visit my dad who lives near Lake Gaston in Virginia this weekend so my daughter and I are planning a trip to Carowinds on Monday the 21st. Its about a 4 hour trip from my dad's house so we leave around 6am.


We have never been to the park so we are trying get some advise.


What to hit first?

Are kids in school by then?

Is it worth getting a Fast Lane Plus?

Best place to eat in the park?


The other reason we are going on that day is because of the solar eclipse. Its not total but 98.2%...


Going to be a busy week since we are going to Knoebels on Thursday and Friday this week, leaving there on Saturday am, dropping off the camping stuff at the house and then driving to Virginia right afterwards.


We will be adding 4 coasters from Knoebels and 13 from Carowinds to our coaster count though.

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That is the last week of summer vacation for most kids in the area (the park is closed the following week on weekdays when schools start).


Try to ride Nighthawk first. It has horrible capacity and is one of the more popular coasters in the park.


I would wait until I got there to see if Fast Lane Plus is needed. Fury supposedly don't get long lines because the capacity is so high and other than Nighthawk, I don't think lines are typically that bad. If you are going to the water park it might be needed there at least on the slides that are on Fast Lane Plus.

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Nighthawk looks more like a clone of Batwing at SFA than SUF at Gadv. Hard to tell though.


Probably wont hit the water park... So trying to hit all 13 coasters (and any other flats that might be worth it) before trying to get home.


Now the weather in Knoebels is 100% rain on Friday, so we might hit that park on Thursday and come back Friday in the am.

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