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Sky Caliber looping water slide - for real?

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I came upon this commercial for the "new" Action Park as I was doing research on the establishment.  I remember visiting this water park in the mid-80s when the original looping water slide was still there (although not being run).  This commercial says they reinvented the looping slide and will open it in 2016.  You lay inside a framed pod as you go down the near vertical approach into the loop.  I have no idea how this would even work.  Does anyone here know whether this is real or some kind of hoax?

Here's the video:


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It is a real product being offered, the website for the company is here:



I don't think it many will be sold if they can even sell one when most parks can buy an inclined loop water slide that is already successful. The capacity looks like it would be horrible which probably scares potential buyers away too.

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from Wikipedia, but Sky Caliber is not listed as a ride on Mountain Creek's website:



Currently in development by Vancouver-based Sky Turtle Technologies is a ride called the Sky Caliber. In summer 2016, the Sky Caliber, opened at the Action Park site. Unlike the original Cannonball Loop, riders will ride in bullet-shaped aluminum cages. The ride also features a considerably taller and steeper approach, as well as a teardrop shaped loop.[72] Current indications are that the slide will be called "Cannonball Loop."[73] The ride features a vertical drop, a teardrop-shaped loop, and a coffin-shaped cage riders will ride in. It also has an emergency hatch, like the original Cannonball Loop.[7[



also this:



Expect to hear a lot more about Sky Turtle looping water slides in the near future. The Travel Channel’s “Extreme Water Slides” reality show has already been out to the Missouri prototype site to film a segment for an upcoming episode and a handful of parks are already in discussions to open Sky Caliber looping slides in 2016 and beyond.


My guess is that it is still in testing, and well behind the original opening schedule.  Who knows if this ride will ever see the light of day.

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