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Gr.Adv.Debate #45: What if the park didn't have Looney Tunes or DC?

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I was going to say Nickelodeon since most kids probably know the characters well but with American Dream that probably wouldn't work. Maybe Cartoon Network since I don't think any US parks use that license.

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The obvious answer to this is Pokemon, but it's technically incorrect because Universal owns the license to all Nintendo IP as far as ride theming is concerned. 


This is a surprising difficult question to answer, when you take into consideration overseas licensing agreements.  Cartoon Network's characters are licensed to a water park in Thailand owned by Amazon Falls Company Limited.  I doubt the agreement is a worldwide exclusive, as Turner wouldn't be so dumb as to leave that much money on the table.  Sega, who owns Sonic, seems content to open their own indoor theme parks and not actually partner with anyone or to license the characters as one-off to places like Alton Towers in the UK (which has since re-themed).  Disney and Universal have gobbled up so much of the market for licensing, it really is a difficult question.  So little theme-able entertainment is independent of NBCUniversal and Disney these days aside from Sega and CN, the only thing really left is HBO's lineup of mostly adult-geared entertainment and they don't seem interested in theme parks and thrill rides (though the Lord knows, they're milking every last dime out of Game of Thrones, so who knows.)  That said, I haven't played any video games since roughly 1999 and it was Final Fantasy (not a bad idea) on the PlayStation 1 so there maybe a franchise out there I'm totally overlooking.


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1 minute ago, scott said:


So you're saying there is the chance of a West World theme park?


I don't know if there is enough irony in the world to pull that one off.  


ETA:  From the depths of my memory emerged the rumor of an Animaniacs reboot, which I would *love* to see licensed to GAdv.  Granted, they could piggyback off of the Looney Tunes contract with Time Warner ... who also owns Cartoon Network.  

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On 12/14/2017 at 5:37 PM, Coaster Justin said:



Batman could become Dreamwork's Dragons

Superman could become Megamind

Green Lantern could become Kung Fu Panda

Joker could become Puss In Boots

Harley Quinn could become Fiona


And Justice League could become Madagascar Penguins

Beto Caerro World does have a Dreamworks licence (I had an Idea they should retheme Chiller to Madagascar 3 because the dueling shuttle aspect could fit with the circus plot). I wonder what Universal has in place about it, kind of like the Marvel deal with Disney.

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