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Day 11 - Season Locker Pass


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With lockers now being required for some rides, it would be good to be able to pay one price and be able to use the lockers the entire season rather than pay $1 each time you are at a ride or $8 per visit for the option that lets you use a locker at each ride. It would also allow people to keep their souvenir cups secure at each ride rather than use the station or ride entrance cup holders if they already paid for using the lockers the entire season.

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12 hours ago, jollyroger said:

OR just do it like Hersheypark to where the rides you are forced to use a locker, it is free for two hours. Now that would be a good idea.

Yeah those lockers are good and helped me in September. The zipper pocket on my shorts broke ( that's the last time I buy clothes from a 3rd party seller on Amazon) and they had the lockers set to 5 hours for free at SkyRush. I guess Hershey can offer it since their daily tickets and season passes are so much more than other local parks. I paid $145 for my 2018 Hershey season pass and that was the early sale pricing.

7 hours ago, Mr.Six said:

Maybe Season Pass Holders could get like a card and you scan it for a free locker.  They would have to raise the price of the pass though, it’s way too cheap.

I wouldn't care if they raised the season pass price somewhat. I like the low prices but if they raised it something like $79.99 or $89.99 I would still find it a tremendous value. The first few years I had a season pass it was $60 for the season pass and $60 for the parking pass.

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