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Dorney Park, Wooden Coaster For 2019?

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The latest rumors suggest that Dorney Park has filed permits to build a new coaster... and from the look of an image that leaked, it will be a new wooden coaster that will take up the old Stinger site and the area behind it, but not venture into the space currently occupied by Dinosaurs Alive. Based on the kind of layout I'm hearing about, this sounds very much like a GCI Twister style coaster, much like the very popular Gold Striker at California's Great America.

I hope after 10+ years of rumors that the park would get a wooden coaster it will finally happen. I'd rather see a RMC but at this point I am ready for a new coaster that isn't a relocated and low quality or unreliable that I'd be happy if it is a GCI.

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Screamscape is now posting that the image of the layout is fake. ☹️


I'm afraid it's going to be another disappointing year when Cedar Fair announces their 2019 additions and Dorney goes another year without a new coaster. 

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On 7/8/2018 at 11:20 PM, The Master said:

CF  probably does not want to make major investments into Dorney with the declining demographics of the Allentown area. 

Isn't like the height limit the only think that really would affect what a park can do that a city dictates. They're loosing guests because they gotten nothing cool since Snake Pit if i'm not mistaken. 2015 and 2017 were family rides (good family rides that they needed, but they weren't new ride types). 2013 was knock off Magic Bands, I think they got a new show in 2016, a new restaurant in the water park this year. In that time, the removed three thrill rides (Hang Time, Screamin Swing, Stinger) Leaving 11 Coasters and flats (I put Woodstock with the kids rides and kept Dodgems with the family rides).

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I meant that the Allentown area is in economic decline, and the locals who visit the park are becoming increasingly scuzzy. Basically, after the steel plants closing down, and Mack Truck leaving has lead to white flight in Allentown. This has lead to a large migration of low income Latinos from NYC moving into Allentown. CF is likely quite aware of this as most large companies track population demographics to improve their marketing plans. Not to mention city corruption is widespread in Allentown, and the FBI charged their mayor last year. CF probably views Allentown as too risky to make further large investments into Dorney. 


Besides the lack of new thrill rides in recent years, Dorney's management and operations have steeply declined in the last two years. Slow ride dispatches, poor cleaning, under staffing, and generally increasing incompetence. I only been there twice this year and have regreted renewing my season pass.

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