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Luna Park (Coney Island) Adding Log Flume, Ropes Course, Zip Line

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Coney Island, already known for its thrills and chills, is about to get a little more adventurous.

A sprawling log flume ride, zip lines and a rope course will be constructed on vacant land between Surf Avenue and the boardwalk, between West 15th and West 16th streets, amNewYork has learned.


A water ride should be a good addition to Luna Park and it's good to see a log flume being added when so many have been removed from other parks.

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Here are the renderings of the new log flume, roller coaster, and ropes course for 2020. 





Luna Park in Coney Island is excited to announce a series of contests where fans will have the opportunity to name the amusement park’s newest attractions, including a new Log Flume set to open in spring/summer of 2020. 


Located next to the historic Thunderbolt, CAI will transform a portion of the boardwalk into a massive new log flume. The ride will operate with 12 flume boats that can seat up to 6 guests at a time and will cool and move the crowds even on the hottest of summer days!  The log flume ride will provide guests a semi-circle panoramic route view of Coney Island before plunging down to a speed of over 30mph for the big splash!



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Deno's Wonder Wheel will be adding a custom Vekoma.  The uppercase letters in the quoted text spell VEKOMA.



a while back i asked for advice on a new coaster for our park in coney island. i’m Very Excited to let you Know what we will install. we’re hOping to open it in 2021, but covid has slowed down the permit. My thought was to post it here first, And i will soon.

anyone want to take a guess on the manufacturer?


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The new Vekoma rollercoaster at Deno's Wonder Wheel will be called Phoenix.




Deno’s was never able to open in 2020 and celebrate the 100th anniversary of its famed Wonder Wheel. Nevertheless, the park’s owners are making their biggest investment ever with Phoenix, a suspended family thrill coaster. Why are they taking the risk?


“It’s an important time to rebuild,” says Deno “DJ” Vourderis, a third-generation member of the family that owns and operates the park. “We’re betting on the future of New York City and Coney Island.”


The historic amusement area, which played a critical role in the development of roller coasters, had about 30 thrill machines at its height. Nearly all of them closed as Coney Island suffered setbacks. The resilient seaside haven has been on the upswing lately, and coasters once again line the boardwalk. Phoenix will take its place alongside newer rides such as Thunderbolt as well as the classic Cyclone.


At 68 feet tall and a top speed of about 34 mph, the custom-designed coaster will occupy a sweet spot. It will deliver thrills, but it will be accessible to younger children and those who might be intimidated by bigger, faster rides. One element will be an extremely banked turn. “It’ll be about as upside down as you can go for a family coaster,” Vourderis says.


The name, Phoenix, represents the sensation of flight that the suspended coaster will deliver. Its trains will hang beneath the tracks, and passengers will soar through the course on floorless, ski lift-like cars with their feet dangling. But, according to Vourderis, the name also signifies rebirth.


“When this (pandemic) is all over, I think we will have another Roaring '20s,” he says. “We will most certainly rise from the ashes and give birth to the best of times at Coney Island.”


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