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Kentucky Kingdom 2019: Kentucky Flyer wood rollercoaster announced

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I like how it has some more thrilling elements like the somewhat steep first drop (for the ride type) and higher banked turns but will still be a family coaster to appeal to riders of all ages. It should also be a good in between coaster for kids bored with the Vekoma Jr. coaster but aren't ready for the major coasters in the park.

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On 10/1/2018 at 7:58 AM, Six Flags FUN! said:

I wish Six Flags would reacquire Kentucky Kingdom to rename Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in the future like Darien Lake changes to Six Flags Darien Lake.

That's makes the park will have rights to Looney Tunes & DC Comics IPs again.

I think Six Flags announced that is was being re-flagged (their calling their Skycreamer the Six Flags Skyscreamer after all). I don't even think management would sell Kentucky Kingdom back to Six Flags, even when Hart is in the grave (they probably wouldn't do Cedar Fair because Kings Island is too close. Kentucky Kingdom is 4.5 hours away from Dollywood so Hershend could by, so could Palace/Parques Reunidos (most of their parks are in PA, plus Lake Compounce, Storyland, and 20 other entertainment centers).

Kind of how Ed Hart brought Kentucky Kingdom back from the brink, I kind of wish Palace/Parques could due the same to Jazzland. 

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This could get ugly, Kentucky Kingdom is threatening to cancel Kentucky Flyer.  I think the only way to make this park a long term success is for the park to buy the land and parking they are currently leasing.  If that isn’t possible, this may end up being another Astroworld situation.






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Six Flags would still be in the same boat as they were 8+ years ago, the fair board would still own the land. I don't know if there's any way to get around that.  

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this is soft of off topic but: can six flags build new coasters like gravity group, those look like rmc coasters but its all made of wooden instead of wooden and steel. great adventure should get a new wooden coaster by gravity group

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Good News!




After Kentucky Kingdom cries foul, state approves land for new coaster

The Kentucky Flyer has been cleared for takeoff.

After Kentucky Kingdom threatened to nix plans for a new roller coaster due to deadlocked discussions with the state Fair Board, the theme park announced Wednesday it will move forward with plans to build. 

A statement from Kentucky Kingdom said the Fair Board has granted the park its request for one acre of expansion property where the Kentucky Flyer — the park's sixth coaster — will be built.

In the statement, Kentucky Kingdom President and CEO Ed Hart thanked Gov. Matt Bevin and Finance and Administration Cabinet Secretary William Landrum for "making arrangements to cut through the paperwork necessary" for the deal to happen.

"I am happy to declare that the Kentucky Flyer is on track for a 2019 grand opening," Hart said. "Clearly, this is an example of Governor Bevin and his administration cutting through the type of 'red tape' that can hinder economic development in the Commonwealth.”

The theme park teased its sixth roller coaster in a video released late last month. 

The 1,280-foot, airplane-themed Kentucky Flyer was slated to open in April pending approval from the state Fair Board from which Kentucky Kingdom leases its land.

Background: Kentucky Kingdom threatens to drop plans for new roller coaster

Cody Patterson, a spokesman for the board, told the Courier Journal earlier this month that the board had approved the coaster conditional on state permission.

With its first $786,000 payment on the coaster due Monday and still no final approval,  Hart released a statement Tuesday accusing the Fair Board of not being concerned about the success of its premier tenant.

Kentucky Kingdom says it pays more than $1 million in rent and parking fees each year.

Further delay could have forced Kentucky Kingdom to cancel the coaster, which it planned as the centerpiece of its 30th anniversary celebration next year, Hart said earlier this week.

Kentucky Kingdom and the state Fair Board have been embroiled in a lawsuit over parking since this summer, with the theme park accusing the Fair Board of violating its lease by closing off parking lots during events and charging visitors a $10 entry fee to park during the state fair.

Billy Kobin: bkobin@courierjournal.com; 502-582-7030.



20 hours ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

This video about the history of Kentucky Kingdom was interesting.



I thought it was well done, but wished there was more detail and that the interviews with Ed Hart were longer.


17 hours ago, harry2004 said:

this is sort of off topic but: can six flags build new coasters like gravity group, those look like rmc coasters but its all made of wooden instead of wooden and steel. great adventure should get a new wooden coaster by gravity group

Yes, these are cheap coasters and nothing is stopping Six Flags from buying them if they were interested.



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