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First Roller Coaster on a Cruise Ship Planned

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BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster, Will Feature an Exhilarating, 

Adrenaline-Rush At Speeds Up to 40 Miles Per Hour


MIAMI (December 13, 2018) – Get ready to ride!   In another cruise industry first, Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras™ will feature the first-ever roller coaster at sea when it debuts in 2020, providing an unforgettable and unique open-air thrill ride on the line’s newest and most innovative ship. 

Built by Munich-based Maurer Rides, BOLT™: Ultimate Sea Coaster™ is a heart-pounding rush of adrenaline offering nearly 800 feet of exhilarating twists, turns and drops with riders reaching speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour. 

Taking cruise industry innovation to new heights, BOLT is an all-electric roller coaster that allows two riders in a motorcycle-like vehicle to race along a track 187 feet above sea level, enabling guests to experience the sea in an exciting new way with breathtaking 360-degree views. 

BOLT begins with an action-packed launch where riders can achieve race car-like levels of acceleration and culminates with a high-powered hair-pin turn around Carnival’s iconic funnel.  Riders’ speeds are posted after the race, and just like land-based roller coasters, guests have their photo taken during the ride for a memorable keepsake.  And since guests choose their own speed, each ride is unique.

Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line, said that BOLT is the cornerstone of innovations and features being designed for Mardi Gras, which will be the ultimate playground at sea for fun seekers of all ages. 

“Mardi Gras will be our most innovative ship ever with some truly special features and attractions, highlighted by BOLT, the first roller coaster at sea,” said Duffy. “BOLT will continue the tradition of Carnival providing exciting new ways for our guests to ‘Choose Fun.’  We are so thrilled to introduce this one-of-a-kind, game-changing, exhilarating attraction – our guests are going to love it!”

Mardi Gras will be based in Port Canaveral, Fla., which will feature a new state-of-the-art terminal.  Itinerary information will be revealed early next month with additional details about Mardi Gras’ groundbreaking features announced throughout the year.  A second XL-class ship will start construction in 2020 and be delivered in 2022 to mark the 50th anniversary of Carnival Cruise Line’s founding.

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9 hours ago, ericthewanderer said:

It would really be cool if they could somehow incorporate a splashdown element that uses the ocean:idee:!!


Yeah, no.  That's like a 5-6 story drop and for another, running rail on the side of a ship at the waterline is a %^&$ing terrible idea both from the ship-design standpoint - as it's apt to be smashed against a dock or bulkhead anytime the ship in port - and from an operational standpoint - as you can't use it when the ship is in motion because the sea isn't flat, calm water.  And then there's the issue with salt water getting in the mechanicals of a powered coaster...

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19 hours ago, Urklore said:

this seems like a ride you would need to signa release to ride. or have a death wish


Thing probably won't even be open unless they're in port and the weather is calm. 


(And don't worry, they'll roll that release into their Terms of Service/Passenger Contract which will completely release them from any responsibility for anything.)

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