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Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone Replacement Ideas

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icon_STOP???? - Super Nintendo World / Pokemon - In Development - (1/12/19) Ever since it began to look more clearly that the Super Nintendo World land in Orlando would be saved for a new third full size theme park in development, the rumors began about how the existing KidZone may instead be converted into a Pokemon themed area instead. This along with rumors of a possible Zelda themed land concept that could appear in Islands of Adventure, it looked like Universal Orlando was ready to sprinkle a little Nintendo magic across their entire resort property. 
    Not so fast though… time to slow down a bit, as just as I had been hearing whispers that Universal Orlando had no intention to open lands or properties themed to other Nintendo IP’s before they can build Super Nintendo World first, a new update from Theme Park University also backs up these same reports, claiming that plans to build Pokemon and Zelda themed lands are being put on hold… for now at least. The corporate bosses have wisely decided to sit on these projects for a bit until they can determine just how well the Nintendo IPs perform in a theme park environment first. 
    I imagine that they’ll revisit these projects once again when the first Super Nintendo World opens in Japan in 2020. The good news is that with the Nintendo projects on the shelf for the time being, we should see some entirely new and unique plans begin to form at the parks instead as Universal is committed to adding new attractions for guests to enjoy each year. 

I saw this on Screamscape today and I was thinking "should their 4th gate just be Nintendo World?"


I've previously mentioned a Power Rangers redo for Marvel Island and a new Island replacing Lost Continent, but what about Woody Woodpecker's kidzone?


If they have no plans for Nintendo there, then why not increase Dreamwork's presence?


Here are some of my ideas:

-Dragon Riders ("clone" of Motiongate Dubai dark ride), replaces E.T. Adventure

-Fievel's Playland and Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster are rethemed to King Julian and the Penguins of Madagascar

-Barney is replaced by the Kung Fu Panda show that's at Hollywood, or a Madagascar Show

-Curious George Goes to Town is replaced by a Trolls subarea (like Springfield in World Expo). I don't know what that would entail as I haven't seen the movie.


They already have Shrek 4-D, so I think it's fine Shrek doesn't have a presence.


What are your thoughts on alternate (to rumors) replacements of this area?

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I've heard the DreamWorks stuff is also being held for the new park. It won't JUST be a Nintendo park, it is supposed to have four "worlds" which will each have thematic sub sections, Nintendo being one of them. There's no way that Universal would spend billions on a theme park with one brand/IP that they don't even own.


My understanding is that Trolls and Secret Life of Pets are being considered for the Kid Zone area now, but with Universal plans tend to change at the drop of a hat. They've been so close to pulling the trigger on several projects, even notifying the management level team members the closure of their attractions was imminent, only to cancel at the last second. It happened several times with Twister, Dragon Challenge, and Disaster with false alarms as projects were delayed or changed. Even Kid Zone has been on the chopping block for several years now with each year being "it will close after the holiday season" only to have things canceled with changes of plans. Same thing has happened with the closure of the Fear Factor show to expand Diagon Alley.


Right now they have two new attractions under way at IoA, and one new one at USO. I'd imagine they'll have something more coming to USO soon, it's just a question of which project they prioritize.

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I wouldn't be surprised if everyone is putting new park/land development plans on the backburner for a bit.  The markets went a little insane at the end of 4Q, and depending on how the global markets (specifically China) react will probably indicate what goes forward and what waits. 

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Well, Universal's plans are in flux because of building an entirely new theme park and moving some ideas to that new project. They're still full speed ahead with a new attraction for every park, every year. Just today construction walls went up in Jurassic Park at IoA for the construction of a new coaster (while the Harry Potter coaster is still under construction to open this summer).

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I agree, I would hate to see ET removed. It's one of few tame rides left that almost anyone can ride at the resort and it's a rare indoor ride at Universal without screens.

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