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GAH's Vintage Reel-to-Reel G.A. Recordings

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We are very happy to introduce the first of many vintage audio recordings from Great Adventure's history.  This collection of reel-to-reel tapes offer a window into the park's past and features several of the earlier shows and announcements heard in days gone by.


Join us as we kick off this series with a full recording of the fireworks show which took place in front of the Fort in the late '70s and early '80s.  Here is the "Sprite Lights Sparkling Waters Fantasy" show!



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10 hours ago, Yoshi said:

Very cool, I like how there is so much information and media like this about the park here that can't be found anywhere else.

I know I always find it really frustrating that EVERY park doesn't have this much info out there! I'm always looking for historic info on other parks and most are lucky to have a timeline like on Wikipedia and maybe a few photos. Only the Disney parks have this kind of historical resource beside GA. 

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We are happy to share another vintage reel-to-reel recording from Great Adventure's past - this time the music and announcements from the 1988-1989 Red, White, and Blue Revue.  The show was performed at the Showcase Theatre and was sponsored by Chevrolet whose Heartbeat of America advertising song at the time was played before and after the show.  So imagine sitting back in one of the many red or blue chairs at the Showcase with the cool air-conditioning hitting you as you take a rest and await the show!


Click Below:




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The 4th of July in 1986 was very memorable as it also marked the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.  I can remember watching all the festivities on TV and recall hearing John William's Liberty Fanfare for the first time.  It was always a song I looked forward to hearing while waiting for the Red, White, and Blue Revue a couple of years later at Great Adventure.



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Our next vintage audio recording comes from 1981 's firework show Non-Stop:  25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll presented on the water in front of the Fort.  The recording includes the complete pre-show (two songs), full show soundtrack complete with announcements, and one post show exiting song.  Enjoy!




Slide2 copy.jpg

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