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1986 Yearbook - Season #13 - Ultra Twister

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One of the first problems the park had with the Ultra Twister involved the OTSRs.  The neck harnesses would tighten as the cars went through the ride ratcheting down more and more with each drop and inversions.  Guests would come back into the station with the harnesses locked way too tight for comfort.  Once released they would literally pop open from being under pressure.  


I was working at the park in 1986 and after my shift remember getting on Ultra Twist on the ride's opening day.  Its was very apparent that they had to adjust the locking mechanisms on the restraints otherwise they would be getting a ton of complaints.

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9 minutes ago, Coaster Justin said:

Does anyone know what the Flea Market Sold and where it was?


The Flea Market was set up across from Looney Tunes Land's entrance next to the Tilt-a-Whirl ride.  It was suppose to be a temporary tent structure that sold surplus and outdated merchandise at a reduced price.  Personally, I never saw the tent actually setup and have doubts it ever existed except maybe during select dates like the end of the season.


1986 copy.jpg

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I remember it there and bought a bunch of stuff! That was actually the second location for it (it had been over in Fun Fair the year before). I remember lots of crappy leftover merchandise, but every so often you'd find something awesome. At the time they were liquidating the patches, so I bought a Rolling Thunder patch, a Roaring Rapids patch and a Lightnin' Loops patch. I know I still have the Rolling Thunder one, not sure about the others...

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