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Aqua Spectacle Demolition Spotlight

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GAcoaster prepared this Spotlight.  It's part of a new category we have started called “Demolition Spotlights.”   As most of the park demolition is done in the off season some of the upcoming Spotlights may be brief but we thought it would be wise to keep them all in one area just like the Construction Spotlights category.  

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I remember being so young and complaining about having to sit through the dolphin show or the dive show.  I mean, I was young, I wanted to ride rides. 


As I got older, I look back and remember how much I actually enjoyed these shows.  I remember the dive shows the best.  They always put someone in the audience who pretended to be making fun of the divers and was challenged to come up and try it himself.  I completely thought that was real as a child.  It was always such a thrill to watch the diver climb to the top of the 100' ladder and dive off.  I was disappointed when I went back before the demo and there was no more dolphin or dive show.  The sea lion show was fun but, not the same.  I wish they could have preserved something from the aqua spectacle.  As I went through this spotlight, it almost looked like they were going to preserve the base of the dive ladder.  Did they save any part of it?  The part of this spotlight I like the most was the line. "The bleachers that held capacity crowds for years"   

Thank you GAcoaster for doing such a good job on this.

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