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Six Flags selling parks rumor?

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Odd rumor....


icon_STOPSix Flags - (4/27/19) I’m looking into the rumor for the moment, but an interesting story dropped into my ear the other night claiming that some very early talks may have been happening at the Six Flags corporate office to possibly sell off up to three parks from the chain to another theme park operator. So far only Six Flags over Texas has been mentioned by name, but I’m digging hard for more information and expect to have an update on this soon. Stay tuned!


Source:  Screamscape

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The rumor started on the TexasThrillSeekers facebook page and was already retracted.  They were claiming Herschend was going to pay $5 Billion dollars for 3 Six Flags parks, which doesn’t make any sense.  They were making a bunch of other claims about the partnership parks that completely contradicts the information in the Six Flags annual reports.


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1 hour ago, Coaster Justin said:


Almost happened in 1997. Premier offered to buy Over Texas for $315 million.

And it turns out premier did bought the six flags chain, maybe a company like warnermedia could buy six flags again, and warnermedia (back then its time warner) used to own six flags in the 1990s, so maybe sell off the parks that did not have dc or looney tunes theme there like great escape and la ronde first and let warnermedia buy six flags, something like six flags sold atlantis and power plant that lead to time warner to buy six flags

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On 4/28/2019 at 7:48 AM, TylerRRC1972 said:

They just bought 2-3 Parks over the last year, why would they sell now. Glad to see it was retracted.

They did not buy them, they have agreements to operate them.  They are still owned by a separate entity.  

As for the rest of your comments, agreed.

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On 4/28/2019 at 8:18 AM, FlumeOp1974 said:

Heared this as well. The other two were Six Flags Over Georgia and a water park in Texas.



Close (And I didn't know either until someone told me) but it was Six Flags White Water in Atlanta as it's owned by the same Limited Partnership as Six Flags Over Georgia

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