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Beto Carrero World might be for sale

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Increasing annual attendance from 2.2 million visitors to 6 million visitors in five years would be impressive.  It looks like the park is being valued between $201 million and $251 million USD.







05/09/2019 at 05h00

Funds dispute Beto Carrero park
By Maria Luíza Filgueiras | From Sao Paulo


The amusement park Beto Carrero World contracted the financial advisory firm Essentia Partners for the sale of its operation, Valor reported . At least three stakeholders have already made proposals, evaluating the park between R $ 800 million and R $ 1 billion. The park denies that it is for sale.

Private equity managers Advent and Carlyle are the most advanced in the deal, according to three people with knowledge of the subject. Manager Vinci Partners also came to evaluate the deal and made a proposal, according to sources. But Carlyle's offerings primarily, and Advent would be more competitive at this point in price.


According to sources, the park has an operating margin of almost 50%, with annual cash generation of R $ 120 million. "Unlike the investment in Hopi Hari, which turned out to be a bad deal for investors, Beto Carrero has high profitability," says one executive who is taking part in the talks.

Initially, the company evaluated the search for a partner to capitalize it for expansion, but according to two sources the current negotiations are for the entire business. The sellers would have approached also strategic buyers, who already work in the entertainment sector. According to one source, the acquisition would still make sense for T4F Entertainment - but so far it has not made a proposal, Valor has learned.


Headquartered in Penha, in the city of Santa Catarina, Beto Carrero World annually receives about 2.2 million tourists and aims to raise that number to 6 million visitors in five years. The park has licensing partnerships with toy brands - for example, for use of the Hot Wheels brand, which belongs to Mattel. The park also has an association with international studios Dreamworks Animation and Universal Studios.


In April this year, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) approved a financing of R $ 50.4 million from JB World Enterprises, owner of the park. The figure is about 60% of the company's total investment plan last year.


Inaugurated in 1991, Beto Carrero World is the largest theme park in Brazil and is the second most visited in Latin America - behind only Six Flags Mexico, which is in Mexico City.


Asked about this sale process, Beto Carrero World said that "this is an unfounded and unfounded information. There is no forecast of any progress in this regard." The funds do not comment on investment strategies and Essentia did not return the interview request.


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and that was the only good coaster, the rest are awful


= Ranks =


0-10 - Not Worth It Unless Modifications

10-20 - Add In 1 New Coaster

20-30 - Add In 1 Flat Ride

30-40 - Add In 1 Kids ride

40-50 - Add In A Waterslide

50+ - Add In A Restarount, the Collection is Perfect


*A Wacky Worm (1/10)

*A Vekoma SLC (2/10)

*A Bayerncurve (5/10)

*A Vekoma Junior (1/10)


BARELY Made the Cut... but still not worth the loot

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47 minutes ago, Maddox121 said:

it's not worth sicne they removed B&R


It never opened man, I think it going to go next to the park entrance if it did


They also have rehabbed two other rides in the past, both were traveling coasters they only held onto for a year or 2 before getting sold

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