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Super Aqua Club Sold

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The locals seem happy that Six Flags did not buy this water park.  Note that all prices below are Canadian Dollars.






The Super Aqua Club stays in the family
 Francis Halin and with the collaboration of Philippe Langlois |  Montreal Newspaper

 |  Published on  11 mai 2019 à 15:17 May 11, 2019 at 15:17   - Update  le 11 mai 2019 à 15:25 on May 11, 2019 at 15:25


Barely three months after his owner Réjean Julien Proulx had gone to prison for four years pleading guilty to sexual assault on three victims, the Super Aqua Club has just been sold to his niece for $ 4 million. learned The Journal.


 "Réjean Julien Proulx is my uncle, but he has nothing to do with the current business because I buy with my father-in-law.  He is no longer in the business.  He also does not intend to return, "says his new co-owner and president, Nadine St-Amant.


 To succeed in this feat, Ms. St-Amant, who worked at the park in her youth, joined her father-in-law Yvon Couturier, who has a track record of more than 40 years in buying and selling. companies at KPMG.


 "For us, it's really a new entity, a new beginning, and we turn the page," says Nadine St-Amant.


In recent weeks, a cascade of rumors of buyers has swept through the small community of Pointe-Calumet, but it was the former head of human resources of L'Oreal Nadine St-Amant and his father-in-law who had the last word.


 Under the evaluation

 Priced at nearly $ 9.2 million, the Super Aqua Club was sold for $ 4 million, or $ 5.2 million less than the municipal assessment, according to the deed of May 6 last published by Le Journal.


 However, no question for Yvon Couturier to comment on the transaction ... nor to explain what will be the $ 14.4 million mortgage.


 "It's a private transaction," says the retired businessman since the fall.


 "We should rejoice that it was Quebecers who acquired the Super Aqua Club and that it is not Six Flags, which is an American company," he adds.


 An enthusiasm shared by the Mayor of Pointe-Calumet, Sonia Fontaine.  "It's important that it stays in Quebec hands.  We are really happy, "she says.


 New neighbor

 Joined by Le Journal on Thursday, the owner of the neighboring Beachclub, Olivier Primeau, was not aware of the news.  "Who is my new neighbor?  I never heard those names in my life.  I welcome them, "said the Beachclub boss quickly.


 Mr. Primeau was pleased to see that the park is bought by Quebec interests.  "It's important to keep our assets.  It's a beautiful diamond, the Super Aqua Club, "he said.

 He did not hide either that the storm of the last months had been trying.


 "It turns the page on a new chapter.  I can not wait to work with my new neighbors.  We will finally stop talking about this story, "he concluded.


 Super Aqua Club

 Foundation: 1985

 Employees: 260

 Attractions: 45

 Visitors per year: 200,000



 Rybicki family: 1985-2011

 Réjean Julien Proulx: 2011-2019

 Nadine St-Amant and Yvon Couturier: 2019 -...

 (Source: Super Aqua Club)


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