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Found in Space Game


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Space 1: C3PO R2-D2 (Not Licensed) Meetup

Space 2: Queue Line for Centrifuge G Force

Space 5: Outside Space Shuttle/ Centrifuge G Force Scrambler

Space 6: Right Stuff Simulators

Space 8: Plane Outside Right Stuff

Space 10: Interactive Dancing Robot

Space 13: The Front of Looping Starship

Space 16: Fly Me to The Moon

Space 18: Model Spaceship outside Looping Starship

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1. Dollar Store Star Wars Meet & Greet

2. Time Warner era Scrambler

3. Latter Day Joust-a-Bout

4. Shockwave Bugs Bunny costume

5. Rocket engine in Movietown

6. Right Stuff post-ride simulators

7. Some games stand

8. F-104 jet in Boardwalk

9. Basketball game near The Right Stuff

10. Sci-Fi

11. Mercury capsule in Movietown

13. Looping Starship

14. Enterprise 2

15. Bell X-1 outside The Right Stuff

16. Fly Me to the Moon

17. Evolution

18. Space Shuttle sign

19. Marvin the Martian Ferris Wheel

20. Enterprise 1 sign 

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