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Jersey Devil Coaster - Now Open!

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Forum,   I am catching up on site maps at a very reasonable pace. After being a month behind, I am caught up to February 23rd as of early this morning. The current lineup of site maps goes a

Here is an odd little tidbit that I am not sure they were counting on:   - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th highest coaster (Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, and JD)

Source:  Six Flags Great Adventure      

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On 11/20/2019 at 3:13 PM, XENITH said:

#JerseyDevil Coaster Construction Update 11/20/19: The crew is busy digging and building boxes for the concrete footers, which is well underway near Congo Rapids. (Photos via Six Flags Great Adventure)





Very excited to see construction continue on the Jersey Devil Coaster! Hopefully we’ll see vertical in the coming weeks/months! 

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Here is the latest JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction site map! This one took ages to update and was by far one of the most challenging map updates I’ve completed thus far. While the pictures the park provided us with were extremely useful to updating, I scanned and analyzed each of these photos down to the inch, searching for every stake or marking or rebar shipment or wooden form I could find. Nonetheless, I will be visiting the park tomorrow so I may be able to get some better looks at the site in person. 

Analyzing the location of these current footer molds, I am beginning to think that these are for the exit of the Raven inversion into the first camelback airtime hill, as that section of the ride does include some funky shaping as it weaves through the structure.  It is also highly plausible that this could be for the drop off of the midcourse or the top of the dive loop. However, given the current information we have now, it is tough to predict the exact circumstance. But again; I’ll have to get some better looks once I go to the park tomorrow (technically today, Saturday). 

I can vividly remember how excited I was to finally see even one stake on site; even if it was just for construction road stabilization and some new gravel. However, there are now too many stakes to even count and their locations are becoming more and more difficult to pinpoint. The pictures the park provided also contain many inconsistencies, since they were all taken at different times (the most recent picture is the 2nd one from the top on my post, based on the fact that it is the only picture with all 5 footer molds in it). 

Overall, I am very happy with how this one came out, especially considering how challenging it was. I am aiming to push out about 3-5 more maps before the end of the month, but that will be dependent on who I know is visiting and how much information is shared by the park through both written iterations and through images. Nonetheless, I am eager to watch this new ride begin to rise up here in the coming months!


Thank you and enjoy!


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2 hours ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

Some of that unearthed debris almost looks like it could be from the old Great Train Ride which traversed that area before Roaring Rapids a.k.a. Congo Rapids was built. 

That's crazy! So cool that they were able to unearth this piece of Great Adventure history!

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Updating this map was challenging yet rewarding. Not only do we have several footers poured and even more forms in WITH REBAR, but the most significant discovery of this map was finding out exact footers of the ride and which sections of the ride those footers belonged too. I will explain this more below but we were finally able to pinpoint the location of:

  • The bottom of the first drop
  • The entrance and exit of the raven inversion
  • The overbank following the midcourse
  • The drop off of the midcourse 
  • The first off-axis airtime hill

In total, we were able to pinpoint the location of about a whopping 21 ride footers and where on the coaster they were located. Below, I have color-coded each of the cages we currently have and indicated where they line up with the animation (I didn't think they would, but the footers in the animation line up perfectly with real construction). You can find these footers in the top left corner of the map over near Congo Rapids. On the map, I have dashed the color of the corresponding footer above, below, or next to a black box, which represents one above ground footer location. On the animation still picture, I have marked the corresponding footer in the respective color. 




Thank you and enjoy!









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15 minutes ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

Xenith, I give you a lot of credit for your attention to details in following the construction of JDC.  Nice work! 

My pleasure. It is an honor to hear that from you; thank you so much for acknowledging my work!

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A little fun fact I just discovered! JERSEY DEVIL COASTER is rotated approximately 7.5 degrees from grid east-west of the construction site, from my observation. Meaning that in regards to the site itself, the ride does not run at a straight 180 degrees along the site's horizontal x-axis, rather it runs about 7.5 degrees on a negative slope that is not parallel with grid east-west, assuming the site is a regular grid that is parallel with the Earth's longitude and latitude lines. 

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Still trying to update the map and I am having a very challenging time figuring out how many storage bays there are. While the animation has four, there might actually be three. So for now, I'm going to let this one float until they set in the rebar cages for those molds. 

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