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Great Adventure needs a kiddie woodie from the Gravity Group


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 With everyone talking about how much the kids areas have been neglected I thought this would be perfect. 

   There are a few new tiny woodies out there for the kiddies. I was lucky enough to try one on my way to Lake Compounce for Boulderdash last year. 

    Wooden warrior  is at Quassey in Connecticut it’s  only 35 feet tall and is an amazing little ride nonetheless. From the first drop to the last turn it does not relent or disappoint. The first drop has awesome floating airtime. The tiny airtime hills are amazing. Almost mini ejector. 

   I could go on and on but it’s not necessary just click on the link and scroll down to watch the video, you’ll really get the sense of just how good the air time is when they do the reverse POV towards the end. 

   I couldn’t find a price for wooden warrior but I imagine it can’t be too much because it’s so tiny and short.  I personally observed some very young children overcoming their fears on that ride, seeing them change from fear to glee was an awesome thing to see!


See the second link for a detailed review of Wooden warrior





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On 5/11/2021 at 9:00 PM, Medusa42 said:

RMC is offering Family Hybrid Coasters now.






These are great! They remind me of almost a mini-GCI: compact, lots of turns, airtime moments, all within a full-circuit layout. Unfortunately with the return of Baby Devil (I am actually happy that it will be nearby to JDC), it doesn't seem the current kids' areas have much room for something of this footprint. Perhaps a family RMC could go in the lot of land previously occupied by El Diablo and Rolling Thunder:



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