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The A to Z of Great Adventure History

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Today is letter "X" for X-treme Trampoline! (OK we, know it's a stretch, but there were no other "X" things to use, so we made this about other things too)


The X-treme Trampoline was a short lived upcharge attraction in Hurricane Harbor allowing guest who were wet and sandy to put on harnesses attached to bungy cords and bounce up and down. It was part of Hurricane Harbor's attraction lineup, so we invite you to checkout our history of Hurricane Harbor's Slides & Rides (including the Xtreme Trampoline)!





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Today is letter "Y" for Yum Yum Palace!


If there is any building that perfectly symbolizes the spirit of Great Adventure, it's the Yum Yum Palace. From the very start of planning for Great Adventure Warner LeRoy's plans for the park called for larger than life structures that looked like what was available inside. The only one to make it off the drawing boards was a giant ice cream sundae that sold ice cream! The Yum Yum Palace was stylized ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream cream, and cherries. While the offerings and even the name have changed over the years, those giant scoops of ice cream have remained.





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We've reached the end...


Today is letter "Z" for Zambezi Zoom!


The Zambezi Zoom was one of the four slides in the African Rivers slide complex which was part of the Adventure Rivers area of Great Adventure. Adventure Rivers was a series of slides added in the middle and around the Hydro Flume and next to Roarin' Rapids which were incorporated into the Adventure Rivers area of the park. It was an ambitious addition to the park in 1991 pre-dating the wave of waterparks that would later be incorporated into theme parks around the county. The slides were "dry slides" which park goers rode without having to change into swimwear because they rode in inflatable rubber rafts.





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