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Six Flags eliminating 15 underperforming rides this year

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icon_STOPPark News - (5/5/21) Six Flags Darien Lake has confirmed that Grizzly Run, the park’s river rapids ride, is officially closed and will be removed to make way for future new additions. The rapids ride goes take up a significant bit of space in the South-Eastern corner of the theme park that could be re-purposed and filled with a number of different rides, or even a whole land full of rides. 


Unfortunately one less Rapids ride in the world. 

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El Toro isn’t going anywhere. It’s the park’s most critically acclaimed ride and it always has a line.

I think the high maintenance leaders are: KIngda Ka Log Flume   Underutilized: Jolly Roger Tango Bizarro (I can see this rotating to another park)   Aged:

From a very hopeful perspective, maybe we’ll get some parts and vehicles.    This is one ride I truly don’t want to see us lose. 

It's a shame to see them lose another water ride after the log flume closed a few years ago.

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The park map and website for Six Flags Great America lists Roaring Rapids and Sky Trek Tower as "Closed for the Season".  Both attractions are still on the map and haven't been replaced by green space.  I think Sky Trek Tower is closed due to Covid, but I don't know why Roaring Rapids is closed.



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Two steps forward three steps back. It’s a shame that it seems we are reliving the same type of ride removal focus of the Shapiro days.  

I know GA is lucky that they did not suffer any removals this season, but the one ride that they had intended to take out may just be waiting in the wings for when they ultimately decide to flip the switch and remove it.  

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14 hours ago, Medusa42 said:

Giant Wheel is missing from the Darien Lake park map.



That is weird that Darien Lake serves Pepsi instead of Coke. 

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