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Kennywood To Remove 4 Rides

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We have some difficult news to share regarding our attractions lineup for next summer.

The following rides are in the process of being removed: Kangaroo, Paratrooper, Bayern Kurve and Volcano. Maintenance and upkeep for these classic rides gets more difficult every year, and we have determined the best path forward is to retire them.



I only had a few hours at the park when I visited in 2013 and missed the Kangaroo and regretted it and hoped to eventually get another chance to try the ride. Losing so many rides at once is really a shame.

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Wow, those are four classic flats being removed.   I remember when they reintroduced the Bayern Kurve a few years back - I thought it was so cool especially since it was the same model as GA's original ride.  These flats are becoming harder and harder to find and ride.

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That's a shame, I am a big fan of Bayern Kurves.


Idlewild is removing three attractions:



One thing that is a constant in life is change. At Idlewild & SoakZone, part of our evolution over the last 143 years has been a continuous examination of the sustainability, capacity and popularity of our attraction lineup. As part of that process, the following attractions will be retired prior to the start of our 2021 season: the Rainbow Wheel in Raccoon Lagoon, Bubbling Springs Ball Pit in Jumpin' Jungle, and the current Ferris Wheel in Olde Idlewild. 

We know that these attractions have created countless memories for so many of you over the years, and we join in saying a heartfelt goodbye. 

Idlewild remains committed to offering our Guests a mix of classic attractions and new adventures. We look forward to adding new and exciting family experiences in future seasons. Stay tuned!


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