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PTR: November 21, 2020 (Holiday in the Park)

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Hello everyone! Yesterday was a fun day at the park with fantastic weather (around mid-60s) and relatively short wait times. My mother and I entered the park around 1:30 and first went on Justice League, which had literally just opened up (we were 2nd train of the day). Next was Wonder Woman (20 minute wait including a fast recovery from technical difficulties) then the Dark Knight -with no pre-show and partially in the light due to the necessary ventilation, which was interesting. I was able to get a good look at the Jersey Devil from the footbridge connecting Safari Kids and LT Seaport. There appears to be a bunch of new track pieces placed on the ground pretty much ready to be added any day now. After 2 simultaneous rides on Joker, we waltzed over to the Boardwalk and rode the Parachutes, which had just opened up a 2nd side for the day as we got on line. 


After dinner at Johnny Rockets, the sun was down and all of the lights were on full blast. My mother was too tired to ride anything else so she bought a souvenir ornament and called it a day. I decided to go on Swashbuckler then SkyScreamer (each with a 20-25 minute wait) then two rides on Nitro, which had 2 trains running. The 1st time, it had just re-opened from technical troubles, so the wait was only 15 minutes; the 2nd time I just used a skip-the-line pass so it was a walk-on (thank goodness for that membership upgrade due to covid).


Unlike my previous visit during Hallowfest, I noticed that all of the ride operators and employees made much more of an emphasis on enforcing social distancing on the lines, which was a good step forward. However, I saw LESS emphasis on mask enforcement. I saw at least a dozen people on ride lines throughout the day with masks under their chins (even one person with no mask at all- until I reminded him). I guess you can't have it all. Regardless, the park experience in general was very nice and they've continued to adapt pretty well to the ongoing pandemic restrictions. 5 out of 6 Flags.

Final Ridecount:

Nitro 2x

Joker 2x

Dark Knight 1x

SkyScreamer 1x

Swashbuckler 1x

Wonder Woman 1x

Justice League 1x

Parachutes 1x


Here are my pictures:




Here of some of my highlights from yesterday:









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