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2020 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 11- Refurbish the Interior of Yum Yum Cafe

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Viewing the Yum Yum Cafe from the outside and then stepping inside is jarring. The outside is fluffy and colorful and light and airy and then the inside seems dark and absent of any true character. The inside should revert back to it’s original ice cream parlor decor and repainted with light colors.


Adding furniture similar to the ones below found at Storybook Land would be cute too!  



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3 hours ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

Ah, the good old days!


112_0048 copy.jpg

Interesting interior design, although it is somewhat different than the interior of Yum Yum Palace when I worked there 1980-1982.  Back then, the kitchen and serving area was not confined to the area below the mirrored menus and back toward the rear of the restaurant.  This design, just guessing, probably occurred when the exterior was repainted more like the original paint scheme along with these interior pillars.  The terra-cotta like brown tile floor is obviously changed from the original.  Back in the early eighties, three (possibly four) satellite order and serving areas extended out in front of the mirrored menus.  Guests entered these three areas, each of which had two lines (right and left), from the front and the upper half of each area had glass viewing areas where you could watch your sandwich being made along with any ice cream cone, banana split, float, or shake, as well.  There was no cooked (hot) food served at that time in Yum Yum, but the Turkey, Roast Beef, and other sandwich offerings were oversized and customers who might have came in for just an ice cream treat, often left with one of the sandwiches because of the sheer size of them.  The only thing on the counters below the mirrored menus were the cast registers and condiments.

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I like that the built-ins match the aesthetic, at least! But plenty of room for improvement.


And this reminds me that my friend who used to work at the park has one of the old oversized Looney Tunes sculptures from the interior in their backyard!

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