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2020 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 22- Remove the Paintball Building

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If I'm not mistaken, this gem has appeared on the calendar before as something that should be removed.  Personally, I'd like to see it removed and open-up Dream Street to it's original design.  While I was never a fan of the flower beds that had been put there to divert traffic following Six Flags' purchase, it was, at least attractive.  I also thought it was a good spot for Jumping Jack Flash when it operated in that spot.  The building does nothing but draw attention to itself because it is boarded-up  and not at all attractive from either side of the street.

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35 minutes ago, The Master said:

Wasn't this the old Quonset hut that was the gift shop for Winter Lights? 

They were similar but not the same. 

18 minutes ago, I Have No Name said:

speaking of abandoned, what about the long abandoned gas station (at least 10 years abandoned?) near the entrance/exit next to one of the solar panel covered lots?


I think they still use the pumps and tanks there for fueling company vehicles. In the 1970's during the gas crisis a lot of theme parks put in their own gas stations so guests could be sure they'd have enough gas to get home again after their day in the park. Especially Great Adventure being so remote at the time needed that, but since the Wawa moved and added gas pumps it became superfluous. 

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