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Great Adventure, 12/19 & 12/20

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     I was lucky enough to get a group of visits in at GAdv this weekend after my plans to visit Friday were cancelled because of the snow. However, walking in the park Saturday made it seem like they didn't make too much progress. I almost felt like I should've brought ice skates with me!  I was just happy to be at the park! Not only was this weekend amazing for the surprise opening of Cyborg, but I also hit my 50th overall visit to the park this season today (12/20)! Considering all of the hardships this year has brought for all of us, and some personal ones too, I'm so thankful that I could go and enjoy the park as frequently as I do!

     I got to be on the 2 very first public cycles of Cyborg this year on Saturday, and unfortunately both ended in being stuck on the ride for about 10 minutes each time. A lot of people on the ground looked terrified for my friends and I, but we actually had a blast up there! Against our better judgement, we decided to try riding it one more time about an hour after the second time being stuck and were able to get a full, normal ride. Even on the cycles where we got stuck, we noticed that Cyborg's new motor made the ride run smoother than before and it almost felt like we were getting more flips and unique cycles. A lot of the community members rip on it, but I'm glad it was able to open! I rode another time today, this time another full cycle without any stoppage.  

     Overall, very light crowds this weekend. I guess we can thank icy conditions and projected rain that never came for that. Some rides couldn't handle the cold yesterday, but today was a lot better with more rides being able to open and stay consistently operational for most of the day. I got a lot of cool opportunities between lights-on rides for Skull Mountain, a trimless ride on Nitro, the first public rides of the season for Cyborg and completely pitch-black rides on Dark Knight (no effects were on whatsoever). This is definitely not the last time I'll be braving the cold to go enjoy the rides. It will be interesting to see how many more visits I can get and what my ride and food totals come out to (call me crazy, but yes I'm keeping track 😅)! I've attached some of my best pictures which showcased the snowy conditions at the park.

My ride totals across the two visits: 
Justice League 7x, Skull Mountain 6x, Nitro 4x, Cyborg 4x, Dark Knight 3x, Wonder Woman 2x, Joker 1x, Harley Quinn 1x, Sky Way 1x 








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