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Idlewild Closed For 2021 Season?

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According to a Screamscape source, Palace Entertainment and parent company, Parque Reunidos have decided that Idlewild & SoakZone will remain closed for the 2021 season. While nothing has been announced to the public yet, this is somewhat backed up when you realize that Kennywood has posted an operation calendar for May, June and July 2021 and will also sell you a Season Pass. In contract the Idlewild website has not posted any 2021 operational date yet, nor will they sell you single day tickets or season passes for 2021.


That's a shame for locals in the area or anyone looking forward to visiting this year considering they were only open for Friday - Sunday and then for only around 2 months total last year.


There is also a rumor Palace will keep their California water parks and other attractions in California closed the entire year as well.

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I was happy to see that Dutch Wonderland has an operating calendar up on their website for 2021.  I haven’t visited that park in several years but it really is a great little family park that deserves to be kept operating.   

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I haven't been there since 2003 but always enjoyed my trips to Dutch Wonderland. I liked how they had a great variety of rides like the coaster and log flume that weren't just for little kids even though it's primarily a kids park.

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I will be pretty bummed if that's the case, I have been meaning to go there for a few years, but held off until management could get everything open (Rollo Coaster being down for a few years). I haven't been there since the late 1990s.


I have a feeling this may be it for Parques as the owner here, perhaps they might be in some major financial distress and frankly, I hope they sell the PGH parks they have held hostage for 15 years. In that time, they have drove them into the ground.


Here is some footage of Idlewild's hay day -> 


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