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Changes to Gotham City at Six Flags Over Georgia in 2020

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Last year, Six Flags Over Georgia remodeled their Gotham City section, which was introduced in 1997. They added a flat ride package with a Scrambler named Poison Ivy Toxic Spin and a second generation Enterprise named Catwoman Whip. While there are a few original remains, most of the area was changed. 


Here are some notable changes made to the Gotham City section.
1. The remodeled section included the Poison Ivy and Catwoman rides.
2. Mindbender was given a refurbishment and renamed The Riddler Mindbender. Several changes included a repaint and new track.
3. Harley Quinn Spinsanity was renamed Harley Quinn Wild Whirl.
4. Gotham City Crime Wave was renamed DC Super Villains Swing.
5. Batman: The Ride's queue line was reduced to make room for Catwoman Whip. While the second half is still original, Gotham City Park and the fountain are gone. A new entrance was installed, along with new lockers. The station is also still original.
6. Birds of Prey Cafe replaced Gotham City Eatery.
7. The Circus theme was removed and the Axis Arena sign was replaced. The games were also completely removed.
8. The Big Top Store was renamed Gotham City Gifts.
9. The area's sign was replaced.


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