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Hi everyone. I visited the park this past Friday, but I never posted my trip report because I've been busy every day since then (also, because I apparently wasn't the only one from this website who was at the park that day)

Despite the CHILLY weather and reduced capacity, there was a sizeable number of guests at the park. After entering the park at 10:45-ish, my mother and I first went to Superman. It had a 45 minute wait since there was only one train operating, and also because it broke down for a bit. After some lunch at the Yum Yum Cafe, we went on the Big Wheel (which still has separate lines for parties of 2-4 and parties of 4+) and The Dark Knight (which still has no pre-show for obvious reason). I immediately noticed a number of independent food trucks all over the park and various minor changes, such as the new Guest Services location next to the old Chiller observatory.

Jersey Devil's construction is coming along nicely. The station is about halfway finished and the queue will probably next on their to-do list. Also, the walkway between El Toro and Kingda Ka (which were both closed by the way) is open and is now home to a sea lion, two cheetahs, and a surprisingly non-nocturnal owl. We tried to get on Zumanjaro, which was testing at various points throughout the day, but the ride operators basically admitted "this is gonna take a long time to fix", so we just rode Bizarro instead (5-10 minute wait). The ugly weather was getting to be too much, so we just finished up with quick rides on Nitro and Cyborg (which is open after spending all of 2020 SBNO). We left around 4PM, which I think is the earliest we went home from the park in the 15 years we've been regularly going. 

The day wasn't too horrible, but I don't anticipate visiting again until after Jersey Devil opens. Also, I DID get my 2nd vaccine shot three days after this visit, so I definitely feel more confident about going to theme parks and other big events now, but I'll just until the new coaster is ready.


Final ridecount:

Nitro 1x

Bizarro 1x

Superman 1x

Dark Knight 1x

Big Wheel 1x

Cyborg 1x

Here are my photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/ZU0Dd2j

Here are some of my favorites:






Thanks for reading!

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