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Worst trip report ever.

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The catch phase of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpson's describes my third trip to GADV in 2021. This trip was on Sunday, 04/19/21. Arrived at the park at 3 PM and saw the parking lot was pretty full, with preferred half full. Got in the park and all of the attractions had long lines like in the middle of Summer. I was at the park for two hours and only got on one ride, the drop tower which took half an hour wait in single riders with just 3 people in front of me. Even small rides like the Tea Cups had an hour wait, I made the tough call to leave early at 5 as I was having a misable time at the park just walking around and seeing long lines everywhere. Even snack stands had lines so long that were blocking the midways. To compound things worse there were tons of people in the park walking around and waiting in lines with their masks down. Overall it was a bad trip and a waste of time and gas to  drive there. I won't be rushing back to GADV will soon. 


On a amusing note, as I left the park I saw in the front yard of one of houses by the service exit, there were a bunch of hippies dancing around. 

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Thanks Yoshi. Hopefully it was just a fluke, it was the first nice weather Sunday in a while. It was on the news that very day that the Atco raceway was also so crowded that the cops closed it by 10:30 am! I did see a few modified cars in GADV's parking lot so perhaps one source for the crowds was overflow from Atco? 

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