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Vanishing Smoking Area's

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Has anyone seen or noticed the ever shrinking Smoking areas in our park. i Understood That they had to repurpose some of the areas for mask relief zones During the COVID Era. We did have 9 Smoking areas in and around the park. As of right now are down to only 3. I have seen a increase do to the lack of these areas more people vaping and smoking in the park and more cigarettes' buts littering the ground. Does anyone know the reason my thought it was where the cameras are located at an attempt to stop to use of marijuana in our park. Is this the real reason or are they attempting to make the park smoke free all together. It just seems odd to me that they would remove over half of these locations that have been smoking locations for years with out making other concessions for the smokers that enter the park. 

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As a non smoker I wouldn't notice but I do understand that it can be an inconvenience to a smoker. As a joke to a smoking friend I would tell them to quit but I know it isn't that easy.

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