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Adirondack Outlaw Debuts at Six Flags Great Escape


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Had the opportunity to attend the media preview for Adirondack Outlaw at The Great Escape.  This is definitely a fun new attraction that tower's over the park and provides some awesome views from the top.  I put together an article about it and thanks to the park also have a full multi-cam on-ride with some extra drone shots.  Would love to hear everyone's feedback and thoughts on this true new thrill ride at TGE.  Thanks in advance for checking it out!


Here's the full article:  Ghost Town’s New Fugitive | Adirondack Outlaw


Here's a quick link to the on-ride as well:  


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4 minutes ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

That is a great video!  The new ride seems so non-typical of what the park currently offers and by comparison looks very extreme.  Maybe this is a test to see if it is popular and ultimately move from a mostly kids theme park to a thrill ride oriented one.

Thanks!  Totally agree. It is way more extreme compared to basically anything the park has. Everyone I talked to said it was their new favorite ride in the park. I know TGE isn’t focused on being a thrill park but I hope it’s a sign of more thrilling additions coming to add to the family rides.  It is the closest SF’s to me but the one I go to the least compared to Great Adventure and SFNE.  Still enjoy going there though. 

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