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Jr.Thrillseekers - What rides will it have?

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With the addition of a new sign on the old Wiggles World/Safari Kids arch, we now know that the rethemed children's area will be renamed Jr. Thrillseekers.


Work has already begun dressing up the area with new paint.  So far the entrance portal, fountain, Sky Zooma, Jumpin' Joey, Bugaboo, and Raja's Rickshaws have all seen repainted fencing and stonework.



Source:  Joe Dudek fb










In addition, Road Runner Railway has also been added back into the park with a brand new color scheme and wonderful new name Lil' Devil.






Taz's Tornado has been renamed simply Tornado and the ride's namesake head has been removed from the center of the ride even though the themed arms still remain.


2021_04_02_IMG_0855 copy.jpg


Meanwhile, no changes have taken place yet to the Air Safari ride.


2011_04_09_IMG_0489 copy.jpg


It remains to be seen which if any of the other former Looney Tunes Seaport rides which were removed for the installation of the Jersey Devil Coaster will resurface with new names and redesigns.  These include the Barnstormer, Submarine, and Teacups.


2016_11_25_IMG_1627 copy.jpg






And just in case we forgot, two former rides from Looney Tunes Seaport are believed to still reside in the park's boneyard.  It waits to be seen if the Seaplanes or Flotilla will make a comeback.

2008_09_01_IMG_7845 copy.jpg


090406 258 (2) copy.jpg


So who wants to take some guesses on what will return?  We have seen that a refurb of these rides does make for great additions (ala Lil' Devil), but what about new additions too?  Great Adventure hasn't received a brand new kiddie ride since the Big Red Planes (Air Safari) were added in 2007 almost fifteen years ago.


What would be your ride lineup for the new Jr. Thrillseekers area?




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I can't help but feel like Jr. Thrillseekers is a placeholder name for something better that we might see next year. I think a new kid's area will be one of our next big additions. I could see a Timber Town (or hopefully a Pine Barrens) theme taking over the area. Lil' Devil would be perfect as is, with Sky Zooma, Tornado and Bugaboo even working with their current names/themes, but I would give a retheme to others: 

Jumpin' Joey --> Timber Tower 

Air Safari --> Pine Barren Planes 
Raja's Rickshaw --> Timber Twirler

I don't know if there's room back in Jr. Thrill Seekers for the old Seaport Rides, unless they put back the Flotilla and Planes back in their old pads, but I doubt they would remove the landscaping and planters that are there now. I think they could incorporate them into a DC Super Friends area, which could probably fit great on the opposite side of Justice League near the former site of the Musik Express. Filling out the space between the fountain and Metropolis would be great to fully revitalize the area of the park and extend it all the way to the end of the former Old Country pathway.

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I hope Barnstormer and some of the other larger rides in the area return. I thought it was good how LTSP had some rides that would appeal to older kids as well. It must be frustrating to be at some parks where a taller kid who still wants to go to the smaller rides and can safely ride (not the rides that are strict no over 54" at all) them but can't because they are over the height restriction. I know it's not in a kids area but Tango is a good example. There is no maximum height requirement but at some other parks like Kings Dominion, over a certain height has to ride with a kid under the height limit. Same with the mini himalaya ride. Older kids are allowed to ride at Great Adventure, at Hershey, they can't.

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