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Sea World Orlando and Animal Kingdom, 9/24/21


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I was at Sea World on Friday of Labor Day weekend to see Electric Ocean/Ignite. Unfortunately from getting there at 6:00 to about 8:30, it rained the entire time and the rides were closed. The rides reopened but there wasn't enough time to get to the Ignite viewing area and stop at any rides. I hadn't ridden Mako since June on the drive to FL from PA and before going to Animal Kingdom stopped at Sea World for a 90 minute visit.


Mako was having minor technical difficulties but there was an announcement that they recommend staying in line because it shouldn't take too long. 5 minutes later and the ride was running again. Only 1 train was running but it was only a 1-2 train wait. It felt great to ride a B&M Hyper again and for now, Mako remains my favorite coaster in Florida. After 3 rides I walked over to Kraken that also had 1 train running with a mostly empty station. Unfortunately, Kraken is a little rough and is probably my least favorite floorless coaster because of that but it's still a good coaster.


Journey to Atlantis had a posted 20 minute wait but didn't have anyone else in line. This has become one of my favorite rides with it being a mix of a dark ride, flume and coaster. I would have liked to have tried the original version with all the effects and storyline working. After 2 rides I left and went to Animal Kingdom.


Crowds are still low at Disney. Other than the 2 Pandora rides, everything else was a 10 minute wait or less.


Kilimanjaro Safaris is always fun with a lot of animals to see although I prefer Great Adventure's Safari.


Navi River Journey is cool with all the glowing theming but would be better with more animatronmics.


We got on the last train to Rafiki's Planet Watch and got to the last Animation Experience of the day. Animation Academy was one of my favorite things at Hollywood Studios and was glad to see that the experience was still available in the parks.


After It's Tough To Be A Bug, I went to ride Dinosaur. Other than watching the pre-show, there was no waiting and I got my own ride vehicle. It was fun to ride Dinosaur with no one else there. Since there was no line, I was offered a re-ride.


Primeval Whirl is being removed and some of the track is already gone. I hope they add a new coaster or some kind of new ride to replace it.







There are 50th Anniversary statues all over the 4 WDW parks.





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