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Photo Trip Report: Legoland New York Resort - Oct 14, 2021


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A few weeks ago we took a a trip to the Hudson Valley to visit the newly opened Legoland New York Resort.  Having been to the Legoland parks in San Diego and Winter Haven I knew what to expect and anticipated that the New York version would be on the smaller side given it was its first season of operations.  Even though it was smaller than the two other locations, surprisingly it still offered a wide range or rides, and entertainment to keep you busy with a fun day of activities (especially if you are into Lego).  


Built on former farmland, the park spreads out pretty far with what seems like plenty of room for expansion.  Although Legoland parks aren't known for thrill rides, the difference in elevation between the front of the park and the back portion is quite dramatic and would make for an excellent future terrain coaster.  In addition to several kids-only rides, the park offers a handful of rides suitable for the entire family, as well as two dark rides (Lego Factory Adventure Ride (trackless ride) and Lego Ninjago The Ride (target ride)), an extensive Miniland model area, and a 4D theater.  We found the in park food to be much better than the other two locations.


We also spent a night at the Legoland Hotel which offered themed rooms based on some of Lego's most popular brand.  We chose a pirate themed room which came complete with plenty of professional nautical models made of Lego and an in-room treasure hunt.  As far as convenience, the hotel is located steps from the main entrance to the theme park which can't be beat.  We had a great time!


Here are just a handful of photos of the park.


IMG_2031 copy.jpg


IMG_2036 copy.jpg


IMG_2038 copy.jpg


IMG_2043 copy.jpg


IMG_2065 copy.jpg


IMG_2064 copy.jpg


IMG_2063 copy.jpg


IMG_2099 copy.jpg


IMG_2109 copy.jpg


IMG_2146 copy.jpg


IMG_2122 copy.jpg


IMG_2202 copy.jpg


IMG_2181 copy.jpg


IMG_2151 copy.jpg


IMG_2165 copy.jpg


IMG_2168 copy.jpg


IMG_2169 copy.jpg


IMG_2200 copy.jpg


IMG_2053 copy.jpg


IMG_2669 copy.jpg


IMG_2672 copy.jpg





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  • 29yrswithaGApass changed the title to Photo Trip Report: Legoland New York Resort - Oct 14, 2021

The rides and park look really well themed and detailed. It also looks like the Dragon coaster has a much better layout compared to the Florida version.

I have never been to a Legoland park before but hope to visit the Florida park next year.

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