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2021 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 21 - Offer More Six Flags Branded Game Prizes


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It would be great to see more Six Flags branded game prizes, along with other game prizes that are equally souvenir and game prize. 


I'm not a game player and usually don't play them, but if they were giving away prizes that were unique and specific to the park, I might.


I always remember Dorney used to have Steel Force plush they'd give away at games, and I thought it was great souvenir.

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I rarely play games in the parks anymore because I have no interest in a stuffed animal but would try a game if the prize was something themed to a ride I like.


I also liked how at the arcade in Hersheypark, you could redeem your tickets for souvenirs like mugs and glasses that were once sold in the gift shops rather than just the standard arcade prizes of smaller toys and candy up to expensive electronics that would take years to earn enough tickets to redeem for.

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