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2021 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 22 - Rename and Theme Congo Rapids


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For a while now Congo Rapids has been in need of updating/upgrading and in a complete no-man's land not part of any particular area of the park. With the recent addition of Jersey Devil and it's park theme, why not make Roaring Rapids a part of that park? Give it a few upgrades, and change the name. 

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Here is what I was thinking for rapids -




With Adventure Rivers long gone, the name Congo Rapids seems out of place especially next to what is now the Pine Barrens section of the park.  In an effort to tie the ride into the new Jersey Devil Coaster area, the rapids ride should be renamed Mullica River Rafting Adventures.  The Mullica is the Pine Barrens' longest river and is located next to Leeds Point, home of the Jersey Devil.  The new name emphasizes "rafting" more so than "rapids" and theming along the ride could include scenery with campsites, cabins, fisherman, and even the Leeds' family house.



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