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2021 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 23 - Update Big Wheel


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The Big Wheel has been an icon of the park for almost 50 years now, and I know I can't picture GA without it. 


I previous years we've wished for updated lighting for the Big Wheel which would be cool, but the ride's age may mean it needs to be replaced. If it dose, it would be great to see something new (but in the same spirit) replace it...



(minus Hello Kitty of course)

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On 12/23/2021 at 7:09 AM, GAcoaster said:

That being said, I would never ride anything but the stationary cars, but it would be cool to offer something new but true to the original idea.


I ridden the moving cars on the Sun Wheel, Mickey's Fun Wheel at DCA. How fast and hard the moving cars move really depends on how the wheel is being loaded. 



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I find a standard Ferris Wheel terrifying (I hate the not moving while load/unloading). The swaying scares me to death. If I could just get on and keep moving the whole time I'd be OK, but the stopped at the top and feeling the wind and motion of the structure is way too scary! 

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